20 UK Directories for NAP Citations

I find myself doing more and more directory submissions for Local SEO these days. The problem is that you really only want these from quality sites. Sites in bad neighbourhoods won’t do your rankings any favours.

1. Yell.com PR7
2. Thomsonlocal.com PR7
3. Independent.co.uk PR8
4. Yelp.com PR7
5. Thesun.co.uk PR8
6. Misterwhat.co.uk PR5
7. Touchlocal.com PR5
8. Scoot.co.uk PR6
9. Hotfrog.co.uk PR5
10. Near.co.uk PR3
11. Localmole.co.uk PR6
12. Yahoo.com PR9
13. Wherebest.co.uk PR2
14. Cityvisitor.co.uk PR4
15. 118.com PR5
16. Townpages.com PR4
17. Freeindex.co.uk PR5
18. Smilelocal.com PR3
19. Fyple.co.uk PR3
20. Localstore.co.uk

Ignore The Naysayers

We all come across people in our lives that don’t believe in us. It’s never an easy thing to experience when a family member or friend brushes off your aspirations and dreams as being ‘unrealistic’ or ‘stupid’.

The truth is that these people often live in fear of you becoming something that they want to be.

Reverse Engineering Rankings

One of the things I really hate about the on-going disagreement and war of words in our industry is that it means people lose sight of some of the best tactics for ranking your site.

I know a lot of people who still do this tactic I’m about to explain and yet this topic is so often overlooked and rarely talked about, so I thought I’d go into it in some detail on the blog here.

Now really this method is all about reverse engineering backlinks, but why do we actually do that?

Why SEO Needs To Get Back To Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is by definition a process, optimisation is defined as such;

The act of rendering optimal; “In an optimization problem we seekvalues of the variables that lead to an optimal value of the function that is to be optimized”

This means that SEO is a process. It is not a product that can be offered or even a true service.

Real SEO involves testing, tweaking and more testing. It is a scientific method/process that focuses on drawing conclusions from empirical data.

No SEO can truly know anything unless he becomes the mad scientist and experiments.

Momentum & Productivity: A Theory

Woah cool title bro. Well, I couldn’t think of anything else to name this post and assuming it actually did enough to grab your attention then congratulations because you’re awesome!

In this second post in my mission to enlighten the world with the wonder that is self-help I want to talk about a novel concept I came across one rainy November morning two years ago.

It was early, like shit I need caffeine early… Barely even dawn at 6am on what I would assume was a Tuesday if my memory serves me right.

White, Black or Grey Hat SEO: Tiered Link Building

Don’t worry, this isn’t another comprehensive post on tiered link building… Plenty of people have done those, and done a very good job at explaining how to do it and what software you need.

No, this post isn’t a comprehensive guide…

It’s more of a topic for discussion. You see I often have clients asking me what tiered link building actually is and to answer them is difficult when they’re asking about white hat SEO.

Research Or Bust

In business when it comes to being successful you need to have ‘product market fit’.

What this is exactly is when your product, service or what have you actually has a market.

Marketing as a whole is just the sum of three parts:

– Finding out what problem you are solving.
– Finding out who the customer is for that problem.
– Finding out where that customer is so you can acquire them.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a form of inbound marketing in itself. We base our work around finding what our target audience’s searching patterns are and then ranking our clients or sites for those ‘keywords’.